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Moccamaster Thermal

Sale price$495.00

Brew up to 1.25 L of delicious coffee with the Moccamaster Thermal
coffee brewer.

  • Precise Temperature Control – The heavy duty copper boiler maintains a steady 90 – 95 degrees Celsius, the ideal range for brewing delicious coffee.

  • Stainless Steel Carafe – Brew directly into a carafe that will keep your coffee hot (or iced coffee cold) for hours. Comes with a mixing lid for pouring a travel lid that’s spill-proof.

  • Brew Large Batches – Brew up to 1.25 L

  • Balanced, Rich Coffee – The specialised 9 hole spray head saturates all the coffee grounds evenly to brew balanced and rich coffee.

  • Coffee Association Blessed – Approved and certified by the SCAA, SCAE, and ECBC for the brewer’s excellent brew and build quality.

  • Long Life Expectancy – Between the aluminium casing, stainless steel carafe, and sturdy BPA-Free plastic, we expect this brewer to last a long time.

Coffee equipment is sourced upon purchasing to ensure best possible pricing and service offering. Please allow up to 2-5 days for stock to be available for dispatch.

Contact us to receive a FOUR offer on this machine when bundling with other items including coffee, tools, subscriptions.
Moccamaster Thermal
Moccamaster Thermal Sale price$495.00