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Hello from Four

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Our Journey

Why we are FOUR.

Our Story

Conceived and launched in early 2020, we were four friends who came together to create local, authentic, meaningful product lines of specialty coffee. Our vision was to deliver an outstanding and uncompromising product that excites you as much as it excites us.

Of course, unexpected events shortly after we launched changed our brand’s journey. However, it didn’t alter our passion for crafting an exceptional product that expresses the coffee to its best. We are driven to do justice to the hard work of the farmers by showcasing the unique characteristics of each bean.

We remain 100% Melbourne owned and operated with an uncompromising focus on building and maintaining solid relationships with our green bean suppliers and other partners based on fairness, equality and environmental responsibility.


Beans. Grinders. Machines. We offer you a one stop shop for preparing, brewing, extracting and maintaining a home coffee production to suit every taste and budget.

Buying a new espresso machine? Contact us to discuss what’s important to you. We’ll be glad to give you advice based on our experience. As an added bonus, we use our buying power to give you great value for money by passing on our access to discounts on equipment. Not sure what you need? Call or email us, or arrange to come and see us in person at our Port Melbourne location.

Whether you’re looking to try a new blend once-off, or want to set-and-forget ordering your consumables, you’ll find something to meet your needs. Check out our subscription and retail pages for more information.


As a small independent business, we don’t have the capital and resources to compete on price or equipment giveaways. What we offer is a team focused on understanding your business operations and providing bespoke and personalised service aimed at addressing some of your pain points. We offer:
  • Advice, sourcing and support to purchase or lease all coffee production equipment
  • In house barista training
  • Custom blend development
  • On demand, no commitment trial of filter and batch brew blends

    All our products are produced by us at a co-roasting facility in Port Melbourne. We invite you to visit us and see the FOUR team in action for yourself.


    We are proud to partner with The Kitchen at Waterford, Niche on High and Melbourne Jet Base to name a few. We’d love to discuss opportunities to collaborate with your business.