From every bean.
With every pour.
For every cup.
In every sip.
Experience FOUR.


What’s a synonym for Melbourne? In 2020 you might have said “lockdown”, however, back in the day you wouldn’t have been wrong if you’d guessed coffee, or better still coffee roasters.

So much so that one would be forgiven for thinking ‘Oh here we go, yet another bunch of hipster coffee roasters.’ And with a spot in Brunswick, the stereotype is complete.

We’ll forgive these assumptions, because once you’ve experienced FOUR you’ll quickly realise there’s nothing pretentious or even remotely hipster about us.

We’re just four mates, who when the world came to a staggering halt realised that we should start living our love for coffee in earnest.

An eclectic bunch, we each bring our own unique flair and experience to the table, with a penchant for culture and adventure. FOUR is our passion project.

We have a passion to form meaningful connections and bring you into the FOUR family fold. A passion to deliver an outstanding and uncompromising product that excites you as much as it excites us. And a passion that comes from understanding that there is no quality in the ingredient if there is no quality in the person that produces it.

What drives our passion for this seemingly small bean, which the world can’t live without, is the experience it provides and the opportunity to be creative.

From every bean, with every pour, for every cup, in every sip, we hope you fall in love with the FOUR experience.