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Brew Guide

We get that extracting that perfect shot can be a bit of an art form. That's why we've designed our brew guide for our regular offerings to help you do just that - to make like a barista in your own home. 


Total Brew Time *
Example Dose
Shot Weight

25 - 29 Seconds

1 : 1.8

18 g

36 g


22 g

40 g

Single Origins

22 - 26 Seconds

1 : 1.9

18 g

34 g



22 g

42 g


20 - 24 Seconds

1 : 2.0

18 g

36 g



22 g

44 g 


* This is a guide only. Shot time can vary depending on the type of pump your machine uses and the pressure. If your machine uses a rotary pump reduce the total shot time slightly. If your machine uses a vibration pump a slightly longer shot time is recommended.