Subscriptions: Your new coffee routine

You know what you want to order each week but keep forgetting to place your order. We take care to make sure what you want is dispatched every Thursday, so you no longer have to remember. The best part is that you receive a 10% discount with every order.

Here's how it works

First, you choose your favourite coffee products.

In each product listing, choose the Subscriptions option, quantity to receive each time (250g/500g/1kg), how you would like your beans ground (if required) and how often you'd like to receive it!  

Common questions

Can I make changes to my order? 
Yes, once your standing order is in the system, you'll still be able to log in and make changes to it. 

What if I am going away on holidays? 
You can change your delivery address, or skip and resume deliveries in advance. 

What if I stop drinking coffee? 
You can cancel an ongoing order at any time.