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Gera Limu Organic - Ethiopia

Sale price$19.50

Apricot, Berry Tisane, Pistacio. 

The washed coffees from Limu are distinctive and famous for being an example of the best that Ethiopia has to offer. This Grade-1 lot is well balanced in flavour and texture. There's a broad range of flavours, with the above mentioned tasting notes we have highlighted, along with other stone fruits, almonds and apple.

The farm is certified organic and produces both Washed and Natural coffees, and it not only has a wonderful flavour profile but also full traceability down to the producer—and nowadays down to the "block," or subplot. Ahadu Woubhset is an entrepreneur and he found the perfect spot in the famous Kaffa Zone, which is considered the absolute birthplace of Arabica coffee, and decided to start up an operation that aimed to preserve the natural beauty of the area, support the local community, and of course produce fantastic coffees.

Enjoy our espresso roast of this sweet, smooth and complex coffee.

Gera Limu Organic - Ethiopia
Gera Limu Organic - Ethiopia Sale price$19.50