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San Agustin - Guatemala

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Peach, Choc- Orange, Nougat.

Maria Hegel owns the long held family farm of San Agustin in Antiqua, Guatemala. She continues the business in growing high quality coffee for the specialty coffee market. Maria is dedicated to growing and developing her agricultural practices regarding the Bourbon coffee varietal. Quality and environmental impact is the utmost importance in her endeavours.

Antigua is one of the highest regarded coffee growing regions in Guatemala. The climate and land are perfect for coffee cultivation. Low humidity, consistent sun year round with cool nights, bringing the perfect conditions for coffee cherries to develop for optimal characteristics.

Did you know:

The soil is volcanic due to regular eruptions from Volan Fuego, which adds mineral ash to the soil. This is great for coffee cultivation.

Enjoy either an espresso & filter roast of this sweet and vibrant coffee. 

San Agustin - Guatemala
San Agustin - Guatemala Sale price$21.00