Specialty Chai Latte Powder


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Tea & Spice Specialty Chai Latte Powder

Gluten Free, Less sugar, More spice


For a single 8oz serve:
1. Using the dosing scoop, add 1 full scoop (20g) of Tea & Spice Chai Latte Powder into 150ml of cold milk in a frothing jug
2. Froth the milk and powder together until it reaches 68C
3. Serve with a light dusting of Tea & Spice Dusting Powder 

In a small pot, heat 180ml of milk over low heat, slowly adding 2 tbsp (20g) of Tea & Spice Chai Latte Powder. Continue to stir until simmering. Pour into a mug, lightly sprinkle Tea & Spice Dusting Powder, then serve.


Instant tea, honey powder, ground spices and flavours (cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, star anise), milk solids, sugar, vegetable gum (412), salt, maltodextrin.

Contains bee pollen, milk, milk solids and soybean products.
This product contains bee pollen which can cause allergic reactions.

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