El Rincon Anaerobic Natural - Guatemala


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Blackberry, Passionfruit, Red Apple, Chocolate Liquor.

We have two Guatemalan lots on offer right now that we believe reveal the amazing complexity, excitement and delicious tastes available from a single region. The other lot called El Rincon is an anaerobic naturally processed variety and can be purchased together as a special combo.

This lot is special in that it has been naturally processed using anaerobic fermentation. It's a prolonged process involving a sealed environment allowing only air to escape during the fermentation stage for 72 hours. After this delicate and critical stage the whole cherry is taken to dry on patios for 16 days while being carefully raked for even drying.

Due to the intensity of the fermentation and natural processing of this coffee you can expect loads of fruit with underlying chocolate. There is super sweet red apple and a winey presence. The acidity is bright like delicious blackberries and passionfruit, but balanced out with the fullness and texture in the body.

Enjoy our espresso roast version of this sweet coffee. 







La Libertad, Huehuetenango

Vides Family - Finca El Rincon

1500-1800 masl

Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai

Anaerobic Natural

January - April

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