Isabel Correa Paz - Peru


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Blackberry, Chocolate, Kiwi, Toffee.

Isabel Correa Paz has an amazing, certified organic, micro-lot offering from his farm situated in La Palma, the southern part of the Chirinos district. 

During the harvest, only ripe coffee cherries are picked, depulped, and then fermented for 24 hours. The seeds are put through a triple washing process to remove the mucilage layer. Shade is provided for the final drying stage of 12-18 days. Coffee from the Peru department of Cajamarca is known for remarkably high quality lots. 

Starting with a sweet plum aroma and loads of juicy fruitiness flavour that carries through to the end. Finishing with chocolate and toffee characters. Wonderful balance of flavour, acidity and smooth mouthfeel. 

Enjoy our espresso roast version of this delicious coffee.   

* Please note that we supply all our single origin offerings in 250g bags. This helps keep your coffee fresher and also makes for easy sharing or gifting options.







La Palma, San Ignacio, Chirinos, Cajamarca

La Mandarina

1800 masl

Caturra, Pache


May - October

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