Halo Beriti - Ethiopia FILTER


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Raspberry, Honey, Orange Liquor, Melon.

This coffee has been given the 'special preparation' treatment, being hand picked and sorted multiple times to ensure perfect coffee meets the highest Grade 1 standards. Many of the 750 small producers in the area bring their harvested coffee cherry to the central Halo Beriti washing station. The coffee cherry is purchased and combined with other local producers with small farms. The coffee has been processed using the washed method and is made of Ethiopian Heirloom coffee varietals.

Very sweet and high clarity washed Grade 1 coffee from Gedeb, Yirgacheffe. The floral notes are delicate with the fruits being the standout. There is a weighty, silky texture and soft citrus sweetness. The flavours linger on the palette like liquor.  

Enjoy our filter roast version of this delicious coffee. 

* Please note that we supply all our single origin offerings in 250g bags. This helps keep your coffee fresher and also makes for easy sharing or gifting options.







Gedeb, Yirgacheffe

750 smallholder farms

2100-2300 masl

Heirloom Ethiopia


October - January

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