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Arsosala Special Prep - Ethiopia

Sale price$21.00

Strawberry Jam. Jasmine. Creamy Caramel.

This natural process from the washing station Arsosala, in the Guji region, has had special attention given to get it. Special Preparation during processing for this coffee happens during the sorting stage to ensure only the ripest and highest quality cherries make it through to the next stage.

Initial tastes are explosive with juicy fruit and acidity. Complexity and creamy texture carry the flavours onwards to a slight caramel finish. The cleanliness and clarity of flavour is excellent.

Did you know - the Natural Process, also known as Dry Process, leaves the fruit of the cherry on the seed (coffee bean) during the drying stage anywhere from 8 - 25 days until moisture levels are reached to optimal levels.

We are roasting for Espresso & Filter since this coffee is great for both. 

Arsosala Special Prep - Ethiopia
Arsosala Special Prep - Ethiopia Sale price$21.00