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Article: Uniquely Papua New Guinean

Papua New Guinea hillside

Uniquely Papua New Guinean

Papua New Guinea - Moanti

Region: Eastern Highlands Province, Henganofi

Coffee Varieties: Typica, Arusha

Altitude: 1750-1900

Farm type: Cooperation

No. of farms: 654

Coffee growing area: 481 ha

Typical taste profile: silky smooth texture, mellow pecan aftertaste, delicate apricot and lemon sweetness, jammy and crisp acidity

The title Moanti is the name given to the network of farmers of the Kiviringka community from which coffee is purchased. The person who started this endeavour is Mrs. Moanti Ise. She began buying parchment (coffee not yet hulled) from smallholders back in 2011 and proved to be a reliable seller to Monpi Coffee Exports. 

Currently, there are over 650 farms that are part of the Moanti supply chain and the coffee being produced is recognised as exceptional in the industry. Many certifications have been achieved amongst the Moanti network such as Rainforest Alliance, Utz Certified status, 4C, CAFE Practices, and they are working towards EU/NOP Organic status.

Did you know?

The farms in PNG growing coffee are called “gardens”. Some small plots are  grown up in the hills; they are called “bush gardens”.

By supporting these farmers that are working hard to produce consistently high grade coffee, we are contributing to their families livelihoods and the Kiviringka community's future. Other factors that contribute to their success is the support of Sustainable Management Services - PNG (SMS-PNG) who provide on site education, all the way from growing through to processing. Most processing is done by the farmers themselves as there isn't a centralised wet mill. 

We at Four Coffee Roasters love the work that has been going into making this coffee available. There is a genuine care for the product from farm to cup and the result is exceptionally good quality and a unique coffee profile. There is great respect for small farmers from people like ourselves and others that form part of the supply chain. 

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